PADMAVATI ( Padmini )- beauty carved at its best.

Sri Lankan beauty draped in attire stitched to perfection matching the unmatched excellence of god's skills of carving out a woman so beautiful to life.

With the skin so bright,

So glossy and light,

An epitome of beauty,

A lady so pretty,

Her eyes so deep,

Her eyes so dark,

So brave was the princess,

And so was her spark.

Her talking parrot Hiraram, who never got tired of praising what it has always praised - a perfect blend of beauty and womanhood.

It was swivel deep that proudly marked her swayamvar, with the very conditions of the proud princess stating- “the man who wishes to marry me got to beat the best of our warriors in a battle of swords.

Her majesty as the best of warriors chases the real best herself.

It was Ratan Singh who defeated his spouse to win her forever,

Forever enough to walk down the paths of history, and to walk in into our present.


Sequence by:-

Reshu Sharma

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