2nd BLOG Padmavati :- Three epitomes of success ( The Black Magician , The Parrot and The Swayamvar )

Three  epitomes of success; each complete in every sense and to meet at their third point, to form a triangle of legends and create a baffling circle over the heads of historians.

Rani Padmavati, lady with beauty that even goddesses may envy, lady with conscious and senses so strong was caught on by Raja Ratan Singh at swayamwar. Raja, the pride of Mewar, defeated the warrior {padmini herself} to win the heart and hands of rani padmini and they lived happily ever after.... actually before ratan singh humiliated and showed the gates to Raghav Chetan {black magician}: who turned out to be a traitor and went to the shades of khilji in Delhi to cast a magic spell of love in name of Rani Padmavati's beauty into the tympanic of Khilji.

Khilji being a self promised second alexender, set out to mewar to see a glimpse of much talked beauty of Mewar - padmavati, with best of his men to check out for loopholes in fort and spots where security could be breached.


Ratan Singh, disregarding the advice of the wise warrior Gora, agreed to Khiljhi's demands without realizing the latent intention of the 'guest'.


What was Khilji's intention? , to know more about what happened next stay tuned........

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